Remembering President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration

It was a freezing cold January day in 2009 when we stood in a massive orderly crowd as President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office.

Those were peaceful times and security was not as tight..

On Monday crowds strolled the streets of downtown Washington and the areas immediately in front of the White House to see the preparations.

On Tuesday, Inauguration Day, there was no personal space on the Metro, the Mall, or the nearby streets and no one seemed to mind because they wanted to see their new president. If you were there with someone you had to hold on to them or you would be separated.

What a day!

Copyright © 2009 Lonnie Dawkins Photography – All Rights Reserved

Published by Lonnie

Lonnie Dawkins is a fine arts photographer in the Washington, DC area. His focus is portraits, portfolios, and events.

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