Roosevelt – That’s My Middle Name

What is your middle name? Does it carry any special meaning/significance?

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My middle name is Roosevelt and I hated it growing up – absolutely hated it!

I remember that in grade school, occasionally teachers would check their
records and ask each student what their middle name was. I would pretend not to hear and would walk up to the teacher’s desk and softly whisper my middle name.  Sometimes, my mean old uncle would tease me and keep calling me Roosy, Roosy, Roosy. Was that child abuse when he knew I absolutely hated that name?

I had genuine issues with that name. Everyone else had simple middle names like Lee, Allen, and Wayne and I had Roosevelt.  I was not at all impressed that two presidents had that name also.

Later in life, my attitude changed and I began to love the name. I have
since met several cool people with Roosevelt as a first name. All the people I have met have been Black American males. I know that back in the day someone in their families were named after one of the presidents and the name was passed on, but now it seems to be a name for the brothers.

No one calls me Roosevelt or even knows it is my middle name.  I keep saying that one day I will market myself as simply Roosevelt – no first name, no last name – just Roosevelt!

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