Plant Portraits – Easy Indoor Plants

Indoor plants in portraits

I am a portrait photographer and I normally just take pictures of people. Here I am turning the camera towards some of my plants.

I’m no export on growing plants but I do enjoy having them around, and feel that they just do something for a space. They are nice to look at too.

I do easy plants – plants they don’t require a lot of work.

Z Z Plant – Zanzibar Gem

This seems to be the easiest plant in the world to grow. It has beautiful shiny green leaves and looks even better than it does in the picture. I just water it every 10 days or so. It loves its spot in the dining room next to the bay window. We put it there and it just took off.

This plant likes the light but ZZ plants, I’m told, don’t require a lot. A couple years ago it was not as tall as the console next to it. In a couple of weeks I will have to trim the sides so it won’t be so wild looking and overcrowd the space..

If you want to bring a plant into your home and you’re nervous about killing it, try a ZZ Plant. Trust, they are easy to grow. I bought this one at Lowe’s.

This ZZ plant came from the large ZZ plant shown above. I just clipped some of the branches, stuck them in water, and when they grew some roots I planted them. It’s doing well in the sunroom.

 Elephant’s Foot – Ponytail Palm

Elephant Foot - Best Indoor plants

I got this plant and pot from Ikea. Yea, Ikea. I figure if a plant can survive Ikea’s warehouse, then it’s a sturdy plant. I have a few other plants from there also.

This is definitely an easy grow! I just water it when it feels dry. It also sits in the dining near the bay window. I like it because it looks different and has never been a problem. I have had it for about a year.

Snake Plant – Dracaena trifasciata

large snake plant in woven basket

This snake plant is the first of the indoor plants I bought because I heard about how easy they are to grow. I think I got it from Lowe’s and I got the woven basket from Marshalls. This plant sits in the basement. We seldom open the shades but some light does come through. Snake plants don’t require a lot of light. It gets watered about every 2 or 3 weeks. It has probably tripled in size in 3 years. I have to remember to water but not overwater it.

medium snake plant in white pot

This snake plant sits in the living room against the wall opposite of the window. It’s doing well and gets watered every 2 or 3 weeks. I think snake plants like to be left alone. I just give it water when it needs it and let it be.

small snake plant - Dracaena trifasciata

This snake plant sits on the coffee table in the sunroom. I got it from Trader Joe’s and probably paid $3 for it. This was a miniature plant in a tiny little pot. It started growing so I transplanted into this pot I think I got from Marshalls. It seems a bit thirsty so I water it more than my other snake plants.

Well, these are some of my indoor plants. Hopefully, you enjoyed seeing them. I have more that I think are interesting, including a couple of orchids that are coming back to life.

So, subcribe to my blog and I will show them. Also, let me know about your house plants and share any growing suggestions that you have.

Of course, people portraits is job one, so let me know when you are ready for those family portraits.

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