Photo tip: Don’t put the cake in a corner or up against the wall

Photo tip: Don't put the cake in a corner or up against the wall

By Lonnie Dawkins

Here’s a tip for weddings and birthdays. One of the highlights of the event is the cake cutting so don’t put the cake in a corner or up against the wall. If you have to put it there because of space, make arrangements so that the cake can be pulled out for the cutting and you can get behind it facing your guests. You will get a much more interesting picture. Also your photographer will be able to go behind you and take a picture of you and your guests enjoying the moment.

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Engagement Photography leads to Great Wedding Photography


Engaged couple playing pat-a-cake

Engagement pictures for a fun couple.  I was trying to think of a pose for them on the floor so I suggested this children’s game but had no idea they were experts at it.  They played  for about 20 minutes it seemed. Truly a fun couple who enjoy  each other’s company.

Question?  What is the name of this hand game?  Is it Patty Cakes, Pat-A-Cake, or something else?

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Woman in blue with flowers

Woman in blue with flowers

Wondering what she is thinking about. Is she happy or sad? What’s on her mind? Has she been stood up or is she early and waiting for something.

This is what I like about still photography. It tells you just enough. It doesn’t tell you what happened just before or right after. The viewer can make up their own mind.

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Let her works praise her – Mary McLeod Bethune Statue – Lincoln Park, Washington, DC

Let her works praise her - Mary McLeod Bethune Statue - Lincoln Park, Washington, DC

By Lonnie Dawkins

I have been fascinated by the works of Mary McLeod Bethune since I first read about her in high school.  When I went to college in the 70s and we had a chance to name the building that housed our Black Student Union, it was Mary McLeod Bethune’s name that I pushed to have placed on the location.  She had done so much for education.

I visited the statue not long ago on a beautiful afternoon and took a photo.  The inscription on the statue, “Let her works praise her” was more than appropriate.

The words come from her “Legacy: My Last Will and Testament,” published in Ebony Magazine in 1955. Go to the Mary McLeod Bethune Council House National Historic Site to obtain a copy and take a tour of the first national headquarters of the National Council of Negro Women, Inc.

Lonnie Dawkins

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Nameless: Unknown boy standing still framed by unknown foot traffic

Nameless:  Unknown boy standing still framed by unknown foot traffic

At a festival while sitting on the curb I lowered my camera to see what I would capture. The result was this young boy standing still at a booth framed by foot traffic. You don’t have any idea what the people look like, where they are going, or what the boy is seeing or thinking.

Elmo Slippers and toy airplane today

Young African American boy with Elmo Slippers and toy airplane playing in chair

Today he is wearing Elmo slippers playing with a toy airplane. Before long he won’t believe that he ever wore those slippers and will be craving expensive sneakers and car keys instead. How time flies.

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Sleepy Head

image of young African american boy asleep in bed in pajamas with sunlight.

Everyday things like sleeping can make a nice portrait. Earlier in the day he was dressed in new pants, vest, and bow tie for Easter. I didn’t get to take his picture dressed up but I’m happy I got this one. I’ll get the dressy one another time.

Lonnie Dawkins

Maryland Portrait Photographer

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine – My Bookshelf

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

When I think of “Mine” I think of my office and my bookcase which helps describe me. It is full of Bibles, pictures, photography books, math books, John Grisham and Walter Mosely novels, magazines, history books, and stuff. My stuff!

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