Be an angel, a PURPLE Angel, and help fight Pancreatic Cancer in the African American Community

When pancreatic cancer snatched the life of our beloved aunt, mother, grandmother, wife, sister, friend Shirley A. Singletary less than a year ago,  few of us knew much about this disease and its severity.  The passing of Aunt Shirley had a traumatic effect on so many.  Today we are hearing far too often of others including Brock Peters, Patrick Swayze, and Aretha Franklin (though she hasn’t confirmed it) whose lives have been intruded upon by this monstrosity.  We know of others including our colleagues, friends, and neighbors who have also been affected.  Something needed to be done.

Since her passing Shirley’s children and husband Warren have established Shirley’s Angel Foundation in her memory.   It has already become the leading provider of research and education to decrease the incidence and mortality of Pancreatic Cancer in the African-American community.  As stated on the foundation’s website its mission is to fund research that can lead to innovative treatments and earlier detection of Pancreatic Cancer in the African-American community, with an emphasis on increasing awareness to help families make educated decisions about their health.  This organization has already made tremendous strides towards that mission including manning a booth at the NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo earlier this year.  Other activities and fundraisers have happened or are being planned.

This month Terri Hankins, Shirley’s daughter, is celebrating her 40th birthday and has a personal goal of raising $4,000 for pancreatic research.  I am making a donation today and it would be great if you would also consider.  Even a $5 donation would be helpful but you can donate any amount you like by going to the SAF site where you can also become an Angel.  Visit the site to find out what being PURPLE means.  So today instead of buying a pair of shoes, a new dress, a suit, or a cup of coffee, please donate to a great cause.  Skip lunch or just skip dessert, donate that money and let’s blow away that $4000 goal this month!  You can donate anytime, not just this month.  Think about what a $100 or more donation could do to fight this disease.  Donate in honor of someone special.

Visit the site to learn more about pancreatic cancer and what you can do to help prevent or manage it.

Shirley’s Angel Foundation       Terri Hankins at SAF     Donations

Become an Angel               Lonnie Dawkins Photography

Shirley's Angel Foundation for Pancreatic Cancel Research

Shirley A. Singletary  Pancreatic Cancer 1937-2010
Shirley A. Singletary 1937-2010

Shirley's Angel Foundation at NBC4 Health Fitness Expo 2010

Family working at Shirley's Angel Foundation at NBC 4 Health and Fitness Expo 2010

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