Spring Flowers – Plant Pictures

Spring flowers are beautiful and add so much to your outside space. Here the camera is turned away from portraits of people and being pointed at beautiful outdoor plants. Last year I tried being a junior farmer. Tried growing tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and watermelons. I know it’s supposedly easy to do but it didn’t workContinue reading “Spring Flowers – Plant Pictures”

Plant Portraits – Easy Indoor Plants

Indoor plants in portraits I am a portrait photographer and I normally just take pictures of people. Here I am turning the camera towards some of my plants. I’m no export on growing plants but I do enjoy having them around, and feel that they just do something for a space. They are nice toContinue reading “Plant Portraits – Easy Indoor Plants”

5 Tips for Good Portrait Sessions – Working with Photographers

Successful Portrait Session I have been shooting models, actors, families and others for a number of years now and have 5 suggestions that I think will be helpful for those considering a shoot especially for the first time. 1. The Appointment.Sit down and discuss with the photographer the purpose of the photography and what youContinue reading “5 Tips for Good Portrait Sessions – Working with Photographers”

Alaska Vacation – Beautiful Day Trip

Alaska Railroad train ride from Anchorage to Seward was a vacation highlight. Starting in Anchorage during the early morning, the tavelled along the countryside showing beautiful greenery. Other spectacular views included wildlife, glaciers, and aircraft parked in backyards. As a photographer I could point my camera in any direction and see something unbelievably beautiful. SoContinue reading “Alaska Vacation – Beautiful Day Trip”

Need a Headshot? One that works for you!

Headshots for models, actors, and business professionals When looking for professional headshots or portraits, call on Lonnie Dawkins Photography. Models, actors, and companies have used our photo services and received images that have gotten them great results. Located in convenient Prince George’s County, Maryland we are easily available to the entire Maryland, Washington DC, andContinue reading “Need a Headshot? One that works for you!”

The Great but Barely Known African American Photographer J P Ball

Black Photographer James Presley Ball like a lot of others made tremendous contributions to art and history but few know of him. by Lonnie Dawkins J.P. Ball at one time was considered the best photographer in the Cincinnati area and later one of the best and most successful in the nation, yet few people have ever heard of him. PriorContinue reading “The Great but Barely Known African American Photographer J P Ball”

Maryland Portrait Photographer for Headshots, Family Portraits and more!

I’m Lonnie Dawkins, a Maryland Portrait Photographer ready to take family portraits for you and your family. I create beautiful wall presentations, large prints, digitals, and photo albums. Images I have taken over the last twenty plus years have turned into priceless family portraits treasures. While I cover Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC; I amContinue reading “Maryland Portrait Photographer for Headshots, Family Portraits and more!”

Remembering President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration

Barack Obama’s inauguration viewed from the National Mall in Washinton, jam-packed with peaceful attendees. It was a freezing cold January day in 2009 when we stood in a massive orderly crowd as President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office. Those were peaceful times and security was not as tight.. On Monday crowds strolled theContinue reading “Remembering President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration”

Men of Color – Monochrome Images

Black and white images showing the beauty of black men. No red, no blue, no green. Just black but lots of color. Colorful black skin Models: Jamar Reed, Donte Newman, Michael Rice, Eric Dow Pinterest Maryland Fine Art Portrait photographer focusing on large prints, portfolios, and albums.

Maryland Portraits and Headshots

Maryland Portraits and Headshot Photographer Whether you are an actor, model, business executive, high school senior, or an everyday Joe who needs good pictures! We can provide those images! Photo Shoots start at $275. We shoot in studio or at locations throughout the Washington , DC area. 240.559.7586 Pinterest Headshots, Portfolios, Pictures

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