Stroke Recovery – The Journey Back

It was almost a year ago while minding my business and at the end of what seemed to be a  normal day, I was stricken with a stroke.  Doctors said it was a “small” stroke but it has made a major difference in my life. I was blessed to not have most of the issues that strokeContinue reading “Stroke Recovery – The Journey Back”

Meridian Hill Park Drum Circle in Washington, DC.

I visited Malcolm X Park also known as Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC for the first time in years on Sunday August 30, 2015..  I was looking for a place to take pictures.   Now I know what the world needs.  It needs more drums. Washington, DC is suffering from crime wave with theContinue reading “Meridian Hill Park Drum Circle in Washington, DC.”

Senior Portraits – It’s All About the Graduate

Senior Portraits – Gleeful image of a college graduate during her photo shoot. During the session we take the standard cap and gown images and then we take creative shots that express the graduate’s personality. Pictures are taken in studio and in various locations of the graduate’s choice. It’s all about the graduate as weContinue reading “Senior Portraits – It’s All About the Graduate”

Maya Angelou – Two things I will remember

By Lonnie Dawkins Today  we remember Maya Angelou who spoke so many words of wisdom.  She affected us all in many ways.  I was there in 2008 when she received the Lincoln Medal at Ford’s Theatre and I read many of her books and writings.  Had she just been a writer, dancer, actor, professor, film director, orContinue reading “Maya Angelou – Two things I will remember”

Engagement Photography leads to Great Wedding Photography

Engaged couple playing pat-a-cake Engagement pictures for a fun couple.  I was trying to think of a pose for them on the floor so I suggested this children’s game but had no idea they were experts at it.  They played  for about 20 minutes it seemed. Truly a fun couple who enjoy  each other’s company.Continue reading “Engagement Photography leads to Great Wedding Photography”

Mismatched Shoes – At least they’re the same color

Halfway through a photo session in a client’s home I decided to remove my shoes to make sure not to cause damage to the floors.    That’s when I realized I was wearing mismatched shoes.  Same color but two different shoes.  Fortunately they weren’t a tie-up and a slip on.  Some people may have noticed,Continue reading “Mismatched Shoes – At least they’re the same color”

Saturday Afternoon Slide

What’s more fun than the playground on the first day of fall.  Two boys enjoying the tube slide.    They noticed that I had climbed inside to take a picture.  Not sure if they thought I looked silly or if they were just smiling. Lonnie Dawkins Photography

Saturday morning kitchen discovery – Eyes of a child

It was Saturday morning and I decided that my grandson would be my model for the morning.  After some shots in the bedroom of him just relaxing and watching his favorite Cars videos, he moved the action into the kitchen. With very little effort he mounted the stools like a pro.  Acting as though IContinue reading “Saturday morning kitchen discovery – Eyes of a child”

Old pictures can be new treasures. Photography gems.

We all have pictures that we haven’t seen in years – wonderful pictures tucked away in boxes or plastic sleeves – out of sight – out of mind – aging. The other day when I was looking for a new picture for my Face Book profile I came upon an old picture of me andContinue reading “Old pictures can be new treasures. Photography gems.”

Family Circle – Gathering for prayer. Family Reunion – Rutherfordton, NC

Reuniting for fellowship, fun, and food.  36th annual Hart-Sims family reunion.  It’s not the largest family reunion but it has been consistently held since 1976.  After many years of holding banquets in hotels, etc. our family went back to a simple backyard celebration this year..  Fish Fry on Friday night, cookout Saturday afternoon, and largeContinue reading “Family Circle – Gathering for prayer. Family Reunion – Rutherfordton, NC”