5 Reasons Prints and Albums are better than Digitals Images on a CD

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By Lonnie Dawkins

Here’s my opinion about digitals vs prints.

When you go for your photography session instead of  walking away with images on a disk, ask for wonderful prints and albums.

Big beautiful prints and albums are where it is at.

  1. It’s not about getting a bunch of pictures.  You don’t need a copy of every picture taken.  Instead you want some of the very best to have printed or placed in an album.
  2. Don’t settle for pictures that you don’t absolutely love.  There should some images that you are proud of and that are ageless – pictures you will want to have around for years and years – passed down to future generations
  3. Show your pictures.   Frame them and put them on a wall or put them in an album.  Printed albums are not as costly as they previously were and today’s albums are beautiful.  Albums come in different sizes.  You can get big ones to serve as coffee table books or smaller ones that you can carry around.
  4. Go big.  Make the prints big so that you can really see them and enjoy them.  The more people in the picture the bigger it should be.  4×6 and 5x7s don’t do pictures justice.
  5. Choose prints not digitals.  Use your cell phone, instagram, etc for digitals.  Exception would be head shots, pictures for resumes, etc.  Professional images need to be printed so that you can see them as the photographer intended.  Different displays show the pictures differently – different coloring, lighting, etc.  Digital pictures are often soon forgotten or misplaced.

Bottom line – You’re investing in a photo session and should receive finished artwork that you can enjoy for years.


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Lonnie Dawkins is a fine arts photographer in the Washington, DC area. His focus is portraits, portfolios, and events.

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