Family Portraits: Mother and Daughters by Maryland, Washington DC Photographer

Last Saturday I was asked to photograph a ladies event at church.   I took advantage of the opportunity to make portraits of some of the attendees.

When I asked my dear Sister McElveen if I could take her picture, she jokingly said she was afraid that she might break my camera.  Well, you can see that she came far from breaking the camera and instead gave me some of my favorite images of the day.  The images capture her grace and elegance.

Her daughters were also there so of course I asked to take their pictures. I took pictures of each alone with her and then took a picture of the three of them together.  I think that it is important to have a picture alone with each of your parents and I always do that during family portraits.

senior african americn woman

mother and adult daughters

African American woman and adult daughter

senior woman african american church lady

These are images that the family can treasure for years.

Do you have wonderful  pictures of you with your parents and family?  If not, contact me by clicking on – Lonnie Dawkins

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Big Bold Pictures in Big Bold Frames

We believe that one should not settle for digital images.  Make beautiful images and print them large.  Then pick big beautiful frames to show them off.  Put them on your wall where all can see or gift them for friends.

woman if black hat and colorful clothing framed Lonnie Dawkins Photography

The Beauty of Age

“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!”

Audrey Hepburn

Here are some examples of ladies who are beautiful inside and out.  Fun happy people who have seen and been through a lot of experiences throughout their lives and have kept smiling and bringing joy to others.
Mature African American woman glamorous


Eula M Hopkins

Annie Davis - woman-in-tweed-suit-with-glasses-smiling-african-american

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Power of Cameras – Michael Brown protest in DC

Michael Brown protest at Pentagon City in Northern Virginia.

The power of cameras! The presence of so many cameras definitely affected the way both protestors and police acted at a recent Ferguson demonstration in the Washington, DC area.  Demonstrators took over a full block of Hayes St. at Pentagon City- a busy pedestrian and traffic street during the height of holiday shopping on the Saturday after Thanksgiving refusing to leave for about an hour.

At this particular event I would not want to be a protestor or police officer.

The era of demonstrations seems to have changed significantly with the presence of cameras.  All acitivities can immediately be captured and can be used by either side for their own sake.  Demonstrators can hold cameras as they confront police and feel more comfortable that police will be less likely to react to their aggressiveness.

At this demonstration I saw peaceful demonstrators and I saw  police officers professionally doing their job under a stressful situation.  I also saw some demonstrators ready to escalate the protest and take advantage of the situation with their cameras ready in hand.   When chanting demonstrators got close to the police so did the cameras.

I remember the Trayvon Martin demonstrations 2 years earlier in Washington.  I remember more people and less cameras.

Michael Brown demonstration DC

Michael Brown demonstation

Protestors for Trayvon Martin in DC

Trayvon Martin Demonstration DC

Sweet Rest Dear Ladies

Saying Goodbye

August 2014 has taken away 2 special people in my life.  These two ladies will be sorely missed but there is comfort in knowing that they both lived long full lives.  They both enjoyed their lives and spent their 90 plus years each helping others.  Two great examples of how to live.  Rest in peace Aunt Jean and Aunt Ann.

mature african american woman in hat

Jean Harper

Annie Davis - woman-in-tweed-suit-with-glasses-smiling-african-american

Annie Davis


 Lonnie Dawkins Photography


5 Reasons Prints and Albums are better than Digitals Images on a CD

young boy in bedroom wearing T Shirt holding toy car young boy in white clothing posing on ottoman

By Lonnie Dawkins

Here’s my opinion about digitals vs prints.

When you go for your photography session instead of  walking away with images on a disk, ask for wonderful prints and albums.

Big beautiful prints and albums are where it is at.

  1. It’s not about getting a bunch of pictures.  You don’t need a copy of every picture taken.  Instead you want some of the very best to have printed or placed in an album.
  2. Don’t settle for pictures that you don’t absolutely love.  There should some images that you are proud of and that are ageless – pictures you will want to have around for years and years – passed down to future generations
  3. Show your pictures.   Frame them and put them on a wall or put them in an album.  Printed albums are not as costly as they previously were and today’s albums are beautiful.  Albums come in different sizes.  You can get big ones to serve as coffee table books or smaller ones that you can carry around.
  4. Go big.  Make the prints big so that you can really see them and enjoy them.  The more people in the picture the bigger it should be.  4×6 and 5x7s don’t do pictures justice.
  5. Choose prints not digitals.  Use your cell phone, instagram, etc for digitals.  Exception would be head shots, pictures for resumes, etc.  Professional images need to be printed so that you can see them as the photographer intended.  Different displays show the pictures differently – different coloring, lighting, etc.  Digital pictures are often soon forgotten or misplaced.

Bottom line – You’re investing in a photo session and should receive finished artwork that you can enjoy for years.

Engagement Photography leads to Great Wedding Photography


Engaged couple playing pat-a-cake

Engagement pictures for a fun couple.  I was trying to think of a pose for them on the floor so I suggested this children’s game but had no idea they were experts at it.  They played  for about 20 minutes it seemed. Truly a fun couple who enjoy  each other’s company.

Question?  What is the name of this hand game?  Is it Patty Cakes, Pat-A-Cake, or something else?

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Portraits: Donte Newman and the Vintage Shirt

Photoshoot with Washington, DC model Donte Newman.  

Donte Newman is a hard-working DC model.  He was born and raised in Washington and is a proud graduate of Ballou High School.

This was the third time Donte and I worked together.   The previous two shoots were studio shoots done totally with strobe lights.  I wanted something different and decided to move away from flash and work with natural lighting.

The shirt that Donte is wearing is a black and white knit one that I have had in my closet for about 20 years.  I like the shirt but I had never won it because after buying it I never thought it looked right on me. I had even suggested it to a few models before but they just were not feeling it.  The shirt has to be at least 2 decades old as I purchased it from Woodward & Lothrop – a Washington, DC department store that closed in 1995.  Donte liked the shirt and decided to wear it with some jeans.  It was a good look.

When reviewing the pictures it seemed that they called for Black and White versus color.  This is one of the occasions where I thought color would definitely get in the way.

I think Donte rocked the shirt.  Maybe one day I might even wear it myself.

portrait of male model in sweater near window

Male model Donte Newman portrait

Black male model profile jeans and vintage shirt

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

Lonnie Dawkins is a Washington, DC based portrait photographer

Bridal shower – Another Opportunity for Family Portraits

Courtney and Terence

Friends and family gathered in a local hotel for a bridal shower for Courtney in honor of her upcoming wedding.  I was the photographer for the occasion.    Not far from where the shower took place was a beautiful setting with great lighting, a beautiful red couch, and nice texture on the walls and floor – the perfect spot for family portraits.

I seized the opportunity to take more formal pictures of the bride-to-be, her mother, aunt, the bridesmaids and flower girls while the shower was going on.   Towards the end of the shower the soon-to-be groom and the fathers arrived and I was able to get pictures of the complete immediate family.

A good day – not only photographing the shower I had a chance to do some nice impromptu family portraits.  Wonderful couple, great family!  Wishing Courtney and Terence many years of happiness!

engaged couple casual

Courtney and Terence

engaged couple with parents sit for family portrait

Courtney and Terence with parents

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