Photography Tip No. 1 Only show your best work.

Often people take one picture and walk away. Take enough to make sure you have a good image. When you download your pictures or get them back from the lab, take time to edit them and decide which ones to keep or to show.

Consider the people who are going to view the images. Think about what would interest them. Nobody wants to look at a bunch of pictures that are repetitive or not interesting (except for grandmothers and not all of them). Each picture should say or show something interesting. Only keep and show your best. Also put them in an interesting order before you show them.

A picture that is weaker than another one takes away from the first one. If you aren’t proud of it or it makes someone look bad DESTROY it! Only show your best work. Don’t show all your pictures just to be showing them. Every photographer takes pictures that don’t turn out as expected but the smart ones don’t show them all. Good photographers only show their good pictures. Practice this and you will have stronger pictures to show.

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