Christian lady laid to rest in style.

Horse Drawn Carriage

Mrs. Gertie Brooks’ Washington Post Obituary

Mrs. Gertie Brooks, a wonderful Christian lady and civil servant was laid to rest yesterday in grand style. I have been to many funerals but hers was truly unique and as beautiful as the life that she lived. The church was packed with friends and love ones who were there to show their respect. What was truly exceptional was the tribute paid to her at her graveside services.

A horse drawn carriage led the procession for the last mile or so. People along the street stopped what they were doing and pulled out cell phone cameras to capture the sight. At the conclusion of the graveside services 7 beautiful white doves were released. What a great lady! I had never seen this before.

(This was an occasion when I did not have any of my “serious” cameras with me but I had to get a picture so I used my iPhone. I was surprised that they came out as well as they did.)

Maryland Portrait Photographer

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