My Elementary School is still open after all these years.

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Sometimes it doesn’t take a whole lot for me to get excited.  For some reason I was thinking about elementary schools today and I started thinking about the one I attended for first grade.  I hadn’t been back or seen it since I left there many years ago.  I attended the school for only one year because my father was in the army and we moved a lot.

What I remember about it is that it was in walking distance from our house, that the classroom had a closet with a door that pulled open like it belonged on a garage, and that the school had what I thought was a strange name– Halls Cross.   I also remember the Dick and Jane Readers with the See Spot Run stories.   That will tell you how long ago it was.     The school constructed in 1943 according to its website appears to still be going strong and doing well.  It is amazing that it is still open since many  schools have opened and closed since then.  Actually the correct name is Hall’s Cross Roads Elementary and it is Aberdeen, MD in Harford County.

Next step is to go there and see the school for myself and take pictures.  I am wondering if it will jog any memories and also if the house that we used to live in is still standing.  I still remember the address after all these years.

If you been out of first grade for more years than you can believe what do you remember about it and have you been back in recent years?  Is it still open?

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