Triumph! Challenges but Celebrating Second Birthday like a Rock Star!

My nephew was born premature and had many challenges including numerous surgeries. This week Little Nick celebrates his second birthday.  Family and friends are partying all month! These pictures were taken at his lunch pool party followed by a family dinner.  That’s only the beginning! What a Triumph! Triumph

Sweet Rest Dear Ladies

Saying Goodbye August 2014 has taken away 2 special people in my life.  These two ladies will be sorely missed but there is comfort in knowing that they both lived long full lives.  They both enjoyed their lives and spent their 90 plus years each helping others.  Two great examples of how to live.  RestContinue reading “Sweet Rest Dear Ladies”

Family Photo Sessions create Lifetime Treasures

By Lonnie Dawkins I had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family.  The session started in the family home  and then we took a stroll to a nearby park. I was Kelly and Matt’s wedding photographer also so it was nice to reconnect and see the family growth.  Aren’t the children beautiful? Lonnie Dawkins PhotographyContinue reading “Family Photo Sessions create Lifetime Treasures”

Michaela – The Young Lady and the Prom Dress

Prom Dress Michaela, a 2013 High School graduate modeled the dress that she wore to her prom this year. Maryland Portrait Photographer Pinterest

Bridal shower – Another Opportunity for Family Portraits

Courtney and Terence Friends and family gathered in a local hotel for a bridal shower for Courtney in honor of her upcoming wedding.  I was the photographer for the occasion.    Not far from where the shower took place was a beautiful setting with great lighting, a beautiful red couch, and nice texture on the wallsContinue reading “Bridal shower – Another Opportunity for Family Portraits”

Mismatched Shoes – At least they’re the same color

Halfway through a photo session in a client’s home I decided to remove my shoes to make sure not to cause damage to the floors.    That’s when I realized I was wearing mismatched shoes.  Same color but two different shoes.  Fortunately they weren’t a tie-up and a slip on.  Some people may have noticed,Continue reading “Mismatched Shoes – At least they’re the same color”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big – Not too big for Patty Cake

Thinking of Big I think there are things that we are never too big for like playing and having fun.  Engaged couple playing patty cake during their engagement photo session.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big -The Umbrella

Big is a huge umbrella and a little boy.  He stretches tall to handle the umbrella and almost loses his pants.

Something for the head

Good looking headwear. These guys all seem to have selected the right look for their heads. It’s getting cold  and I need to find something that works for me.  Then when I find it I need to find a way not to lose it.

Photo – Sit back, Let the joy sweep over you

Let the Joy Sweep Over You and it might put you to sleep. Notice sign in background at National Theater in Washington, DC during the Mamma MIa run: “Sit back and let the joy sweep over you”

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