Here is where they used to live. This house was home.

Once upon a time there were two houses filled with large families, busy, loud, noisy.  The people rose early, worked in fields, sometimes in other people’s homes and then gathered in the evenings to share meals.  Bed time came early.  It was more radio than TV.  They lived far from town, owned no cars but then a lot of people didn’t own cars.  They sent their children to school by foot for many years until buses took them way on the other side.  They made do with what they had.  Had some good times, had some bad.  In some ways they were poor and in some ways they were not.  However, the house was home.

That was then and now the people are gone.  Their houses are almost too.

house hidden by overgrowth of weeds

house overgrown with weeds

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Lonnie Dawkins is a fine arts photographer in the Washington, DC area. His focus is portraits, portfolios, and events.

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