Larry B. Quick: the painter with the sewing machine.

A first glance at one of Larry B. Quick’s pieces and one may not understand what one is seeing.  Looking closer one will see stitches and notice complexity.  Quick’s art is unique.  He paints on canvases, cuts pieces and then sews them together.  What follows is a wonderful story told with meaningful colors and tones.

Larry and I have been good friends for about 5 years and I have had opportunities to photograph both him and his work.  Hundreds of hours have been spent discussing life and the arts.  While he has been a working artist for many years I am confident in the near future you will be hearing and seeing more of the works of Larry B. Quick.  A few samples are shown below.

Larry’s art is a reflection of his life growing up in Washington, DC and was honed by his studies at the Corcoran School of Art of which he is a graduate.

Larry is also known to many in the Washington area as one of the co-founders of Life Pieces to Masterpieces, a mentoring organization for young African-American males.  His life has been as interesting as his art.

Larry B. Quick and new work
Larry and his latest work "No Strings Attached"
Painting No Strings Attached by Larry B. Quick on canvas
"No Strings Attached" by Larry B. Quick
Hill Harper and Larry B. Quick
Larry B. Quick and actor Hill Harper at a mentoring event.
Larry B. Quick painted canvas cut and sewn together
Painting featuring a mother and son.

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