At 90 years old, you saw a lot before most of us were even born.

Today a lot of focus is on youth.  While that is fine there is something special about having enjoyed a long life.  In this case a life of 90 years.  Youth can learn from those crowned with age. 90th birthday cake


91 years old - a major life achievement
Jean Harper
90 years old
Alexander Davis

We celebrated my father-in-law’s 90th birthday over the weekend and my aunt’s 90th last year.  Both are in relatively good health and are still enjoying life.  My father-in-law still drives occasionally and my aunt still makes it to all family events.

I read today that only one percent of people in the US live to this age so it is quite a blessing. People who are currently 90 years old have lived through and seen incredible things in their lifetime.  They were born when Warren G. Harding was president and have experienced 15 other ones since then.  They can remember when the radio was an oddity and how the television was to come later.

The Radiola Grand was the deluxe radio receiver from RCA-Westinghouse for 1923

Some of the many events they lived through include:

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They have been through good times and bad times and have stories to tell.  People you know who have not reached the nonagenarian mark have still seen and experienced an incredible amount of living. Even if health or other conditions prevent their sharing of their life stories they are still worthy of high honor for having survived so many decades.

In a lot of cases these individuals have lived a full lifetime before we were even born. I would love to hear some of the memories and experiences of some of the older people in your life.

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