Age is beautiful

I went to the church picnic this past Saturday and one of the most fun and fascinating people there was an octogenarian in her mid 80s.  I had met Miss Coryne before but had never really had a conversation with her.  We spent hours talking and really having a great time.  And I don’t mean a dull little polite conversation – it went all over the map.

octogenarian woman - 80 year old woman

There is something really beautiful about age.  Sadly we live in a society that seems to discount people based on birth dates.  We miss out on wonderful occasions and friendships because we check to see how old a person is before we engage with them.  I don’t know what the cut off point is and it really doesn’t matter.

Anyway, there are lots of crackerjacks like Coryne who will have you in stitches laughing. They have been places, done things, paid dues, and can testify.  They have been through it and can share.  At the same time they may know a lot but they don’t all pretend to know everything and you can start some good heated discussions with them.  Yea, they know how to hold a conversation.

As a photographer probably the most fascinating thing about them is the character in their faces and hair.  Faces and hair that look like they are supposed to look.  Graced by the years of life.  Age is beautiful.

Well, my friend finally said I could take her picture but didn’t say I could write a post about it.  When she finds out that will be another conversation.

PS, I know some old people in their 20s.  What is old to you?

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