Portraits: Donte Newman and the Vintage Shirt

Washington DC male model Donte Newman.  

Donte Newman is a hard-working DC model.  He was born and raised in Washington and is a proud graduate of Ballou High School.

This was the third time Donte and I worked together.   The previous two shoots were studio shoots done totally with strobe lights.  I wanted something different and decided to move away from flash and work with natural lighting.

The shirt that Donte is wearing is a black and white knit one that I have had in my closet for about 20 years.  I like the shirt but I had never won it because after buying it I never thought it looked right on me. I had even suggested it to a few models before but they just were not feeling it.  The shirt has to be at least 2 decades old as I purchased it from Woodward & Lothrop – a Washington, DC department store that closed in 1995.  Donte liked the shirt and decided to wear it with some jeans.  It was a good look.

When reviewing the pictures it seemed that they called for Black and White versus color.  This is one of the occasions where I thought color would definitely get in the way.

I think Donte rocked the shirt.  Maybe one day I might even wear it myself.

portrait of male model in sweater near window

Male model Donte Newman portrait

Black male model profile jeans and vintage shirt

Washington DC Male Model Donte Newman

Maryland Portrait Photographer

Lonnie Dawkins is a Washington, DC based portrait photographer


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