Stroke Recovery – The Journey Back

Stroke Recovery

stroke recovery walk

It was almost a year ago while minding my business and at the end of what seemed to be a  normal day, I was stricken with a stroke.  Doctors said it was a “small” stroke but it has made a major difference in my life.

I was blessed to not have most of the issues that stroke victims have  – no headaches, no speech problems, no vision problems, and no notable facial drooping.  I did have weakness on my right side and the inability to use my right arm and leg.  When I woke up that day I did not imagine how it would end or that I would spend almost the next 8 weeks in hospitals and rehab facilities.

Wheel chair bound and having to ask to be taken to the bathroom was my start.   Hard headed I listened to what doctors were saying but I never imagined being less than what I was before the stroke.  When I was wheel chair bound I imagined being able to walk with a cane.  Each day I pleaded with the therapist to leave one in my room so I could practice. Eventually one day she “forgot” and left one there.  

Once I became comfortable (in my mind) with the cane and before the therapist thought I was ready I started taking steps without the cane.  Scolded for walking around the rehab center without the cane I became more frustrated but more determined and somewhat sneaky.  I felt that it was my body and if I fell it was my business.   Fortunately, I never fell at the rehab.  I could notimagine being cane bound.

Now I am almost 11 months into my stroke recovery.  I go where I want to go on my own 2 feet. No cane or wheel chair!  My walk is not pretty yet.  It is getting easier and easier to walk up and down hills and to climb on and off metro buses and the subway.  I am also a professional photographer taking pictures again – probably better than I did before.  People see me on the streets and probably feel sorry for me and think I have it so bad but they have no idea what I looked like a few months ago nor can they imagine how great I will be walking next month which will be 1 year post stroke.  I can imagine it!

Do you have an ailment or situation and know that you are going to do better?  You just can’t imagine anything l

Lonnie Dawkins is a portrait and event photographer based in Washington, DC

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Lonnie Dawkins is a fine arts photographer in the Washington, DC area. His focus is portraits, portfolios, and events.

10 thoughts on “Stroke Recovery – The Journey Back

  1. Congratulations on your fighting spirit! Onwards and upwards. Great post and photo 😃🦉

    1. M, congratulations on your film! Thank you for your encouraging words. I wish the best to you with your health. Strokes and cerebral palsy are challenges but we can deal with it!

      1. Thanks so much Lonnie! I can notify you here when the film is released on youtube if you like? Let me know?

        You’re welcome!!! I find it funny that you just went ahead and walked in rehab. My friend and I are very much the same way. We just do our thing. We both walk pretty well now,doctors thought I would be non verbal and not able to walk but 2 surgeries and years of PT later I walk and talk all the time LOL. And my friend is back to working full time. I have had cerebral palsy since birth so we gave each other pointers etc. I have every confidence you will continue to do well.

  2. Thanks Lonnie! I’ll comment here as soon as the film comes out. Btw have you considered trying some type of class,activity or therapy that particularly focuses on healthy body alignment like body work,dance or even martial arts(Taekwondo)????
    I have done many of these things in my life and saw huge improvements in the look of my gait, and my fine motor skills. Much more so than with regular PT. 🙂 Most things that work for people with Cerebral Palsy have a similar effect on people with stroke because of the similarities of the brain injury. 🙂

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