Triumph! Challenges but Celebrating Second Birthday like a Rock Star!

My nephew was born premature and had many challenges including numerous surgeries. This week Little Nick celebrates his second birthday.  Family and friends are partying all month! These pictures were taken at his lunch pool party followed by a family dinner.  That’s only the beginning! What a Triumph! Triumph

Stroke Recovery – The Journey Back

Stroke Recovery It was almost a year ago while minding my business and at the end of what seemed to be a  normal day, I was stricken with a stroke.  Doctors said it was a “small” stroke but it has made a major difference in my life. I was blessed to not have most of the issuesContinue reading “Stroke Recovery – The Journey Back”

The carnival comes to town in the summer. Maryland

When the carnival comes to time it’s a good time for pictures. ¬†Beautiful lights whether it’s color or black and white. ¬†Night time adds even more beauty. The first pictured carnival took place at Capital Plaza n Landover Hills, MD. The black and white pictures are from the carnival that was located in New Carrollton,Continue reading “The carnival comes to town in the summer. Maryland”

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