Celebrations are great times for family portraits. Do it before the guests get there!

Family get-togethers and celebrations are excellent times for family portraits.  Patricia’s family gathered in Maryland a few weeks ago to celebrate their matriarch’s 90th birthday.

An hour or so before the celebration began  and before any guests arrived, the photo session took.  Scheduling the session prior to the party allowed plenty of time for a good variety of images which would have been more difficult to capture during the party.

Having a good looking, friendly family also helped.

Happy 90th Birthday!

Maryland family portrait at matriarch's 90th birthday

90 year old Family Matriarch smiling

90 year old grandmother and grandson at 90th Birthday celebration in Maryland - Washington DC

mother with long beautiful hair and her young daughter hugging

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At 90 years old, you saw a lot before most of us were even born.

Today a lot of focus is on youth.  While that is fine there is something special about having enjoyed a long life.  In this case a life of 90 years.  Youth can learn from those crowned with age. 90th birthday cake


91 years old - a major life achievement

Jean Harper

90 years old

Alexander Davis

We celebrated my father-in-law’s 90th birthday over the weekend and my aunt’s 90th last year.  Both are in relatively good health and are still enjoying life.  My father-in-law still drives occasionally and my aunt still makes it to all family events. Continue reading