Family Circle – Gathering for prayer. Family Reunion – Rutherfordton, NC

Reuniting for fellowship, fun, and food.  36th annual Hart-Sims family reunion.  It’s not the largest family reunion but it has been consistently held since 1976.  After many years of holding banquets in hotels, etc. our family went back to a simple backyard celebration this year..  Fish Fry on Friday night, cookout Saturday afternoon, and largeContinue reading “Family Circle – Gathering for prayer. Family Reunion – Rutherfordton, NC”

Meeting my grandfather: Search for ancestors in North Carolina

He worked on the railroad. For the longest time I misunderstood that. I imagined him working on the train as a porter which would have been hard enough. Later I learned that he and a lot of others actually worked on the tracks – a hard and extremely dangerous job.