Photo Shoot with DC model Patrick Amara

Patrick Amara is a fashion and physique model. ¬†Pictures were taken a few hours before he flew off to the west coast to enjoy his birthday and the Christmas holidays. ¬†More of his work can be seen on Instagram. After shooting several sessions outdoors we went into a residence hall near the University of MarylandContinue reading “Photo Shoot with DC model Patrick Amara”

New blog for models, actors, and everybody – Head shots and Portraits

Introducing Everybody and Models blog Need head shots, portfolios, portraits? Visit my new blog Everybody and models to see portraits of models, actors and everybody or if you would like to schedule a photography session. Lonnie Dawkins is a Maryland based portrait photographer

5 Suggestions for a better photography session.

I have been shooting models, actors, families and others for a number of years now and have a list of 5 suggestions that I think will be helpful for those considering a shoot especially for the first time.

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