Senior Portraits – It’s All About the Graduate

Senior Portraits – Gleeful image of a college graduate during her photo shoot.

Smiling young female college graduate - African American
During the session we take the standard cap and gown images and then we take creative shots that express the graduate’s personality. Pictures are taken in studio and in various locations of the graduate’s choice.

It’s all about the graduate as we celebrate his/her accomplishment.

Family Portraits are important treasures. Essential for children.

 family protrait photogragher The decision to record history with family photography is a powerful and beautiful way to cherish the present and remember the past. A photograph is a timeless asset that grows in meaning and value as time passes by.  David Phillips

We invite everyone – families and individuals – to schedule a time to have beautiful pictures taken.  Don’t be like others who put it off until some time in the future.  Unfortunately, that some time in the future never comes.  Your taking pictures gives your love ones something that they can treasure for a life time.

Whether they admit it or not everyone wants a picture with their mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, siblings and other family members.  Your providing those pictures are treasures never to be forgotten.

Don’t put it off.  Today, is a great day to schedule photography to be shared with your loved ones.

The Scurlock Studio Exhibit at Smithsonian a Must-See

Picture of my father-in-law Alexander Davis (age 23 in 1945) taken by the Scurlock Studio.

Picture of my father-in-law Alexander Davis (age 23 in 1945) taken by the Scurlock Studio.

Information about The Scurlock Studio and Black Washington: Picturing the Promise Exhibit

Today I finally had the opportunity to see the The Scurlock Studio and Black Washington: Picturing the Promise  Exhibit.  It’s at the National Museum of African History and Culture , Smithsonian Institution.  The museum is located at 14th and Constitution in NW DC.  It is well worth the visit.

Have you heard of Addison Scurlock and his sons George and Robert? Very few people have and that is a shame!  In my opionion the Scurlocks are among the greatest American photographers PERIOD!! The Scurlocks photographed EVERYONE during their time which spanned the early 1900s to around 1994.   Addison Scurlock would put pictures of the famous and not so famous on display in the windows of his studio. Having your picture taken by Scurlock was status! In the exhibit you will see pictures of almost every famous African American of the time but also will equally enjoy the images of everyday people. The thing about Scurlock and his sons were that they truly took wonderful images that stand out. For example, I have seen lots of pictures of Mary Mcleod Bethune but the picture that I saw taken by Mr. Scurlock is truly beautiful and well done. It’s a good picture of her!!!

Addison Scurlock was also the official photographer for Howard University and that great institution’s history is well recorded thanks to him.

If you want to see beautiful black and white images of Washington society, businesses, families, celebrities, and much more please visit this exhibit before it closes and take your children.

In addition to getting to enjoy the photography I also learned more about Washington history.  Previously, I had never heard of Suburban Gardens which was an amusement park once located in the Deanwood section of DC or what a “Negro spotter” was. (You’ll have to go to the exhibit to find out). Also I had never heard of the Bison Bus Line.

Also did you know that if your family has been in the DC area for some time it is very likely that you own some photography by the Scurlocks?  You need to get that photography out and enjoy it.   The Scurlocks didn’t just photograph the rich and famous.  Everyday people had the opportunity to sit for portraits and the same dignity and beauty was brought to each sitter’s image. Above is a picture of my father-in-law Alexander Davis taken by the Scurlock Studio. It was taken in 1945 when he was 23 years old.

Hey, you must go and see this exhibit!  Go see the pictures and go learn some more history. Even while I was writing this note I just learned that the Addison Studio building is the same one that now houses Nellie’s Sports Bar at 9th and U Streets. Hmmm.

Do you have some Scurlock experiences? Maybe you or someone in your family was photographed by the Scurlocks or you remember going by the studio on 9th and U.  Please leave a comment and share it.