Need a Headshot? One that works for you!

Headshots for models, actors, and business professionals When looking for professional headshots or portraits, call on Lonnie Dawkins Photography. Models, actors, and companies have used our photo services and received images that have gotten them great results. Located in convenient Prince George’s County, Maryland we are easily available to the entire Maryland, Washington DC, andContinue reading “Need a Headshot? One that works for you!”

The Beauty of Age

Beautiful Women “And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” ― Audrey Hepburn Here are some examples of ladies who are beautiful inside and out.  Fun happy people who have seen and been through a lot of experiences throughout their lives and have kept smiling and bringing joy to others. Pinterest

Photo – Sit back, Let the joy sweep over you

Let the Joy Sweep Over You and it might put you to sleep. Notice sign in background at National Theater in Washington, DC during the Mamma MIa run: “Sit back and let the joy sweep over you”

Saturday morning kitchen discovery – Eyes of a child

It was Saturday morning and I decided that my grandson would be my model for the morning.  After some shots in the bedroom of him just relaxing and watching his favorite Cars videos, he moved the action into the kitchen. With very little effort he mounted the stools like a pro.  Acting as though IContinue reading “Saturday morning kitchen discovery – Eyes of a child”

Whose Binky is this?

While walking through the park last night I saw a pacifier also known as a Binky, bop, and a bunch of other things..  I paused and wondered about its history. It was laying on a tree trunk and it looked like it had been found and placed there as though the owner would soon returnContinue reading “Whose Binky is this?”

Beautiful lights make the party.

I photographed a birthday party at the Appian Way in NJ over the weekend.  One of the reasons that the pictures came out so well is that the room had the most beautiful lighting coming from the chandeliers. I took plenty of pictures of the party goers and there were soft beautiful hues cast onContinue reading “Beautiful lights make the party.”

Same old blanket but beautiful new baby.

Earlier this year NPR wrote a wonderful article about the blankets and asked people to submit pictures of their babies wrapped in the blankets. I had taken a picture of my grandson Laron within an hour of his birth and I submitted it. It was included in the article NPR Article: Born In The USA? This Blanket Might Look Familiar.

Headed to the Chapel. Engagement Photography

Jameal and Doug, a wonderful young couple, announced their engagement. We met at beautiful location in Maryland and took pictures. Wishing them many years of happiness!

The Beauty of Fruit and Vegetables. Edible Art.

The produce display in the store was so beautiful that it was a shame for anyone to disturb it. Grocers became artists. Not being an art gallery the pieces had to be removed for purchase.

Edible art!

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