Same old blanket but beautiful new baby.

Whenever I see someone show a picture of their beautiful new baby and I see what looks like the same hospital issued blanket it brings wonderful memories.  There is something about those blankets that I really adore.  Their simplicity makes the babies look all the more beautiful.   Though the blankets all look the same each baby still looks unique and special.

Earlier this year NPR published a wonderful article about the blankets and asked people to submit pictures and stories of their babies wrapped in the blankets.  I had taken a picture of my grandson Laron within an hour of his birth and I submitted it.   NPR included the picture in the article NPR Article: Born In The USA? This Blanket Might Look Familiar.

standard pink and blue hospital baby blanket


 NPR Article: Born In The USA? This Blanket Might Look Familiar

Does this look like the blanket your bundle of joy was wrapped in?  Did the blanket follow you home?