Big Bold Pictures in Big Bold Frames

We believe that one should not settle for digital images.  Make beautiful images and print them large.  Then pick big beautiful frames to show them off.  Put them on your wall where all can see or gift them for friends.

woman if black hat and colorful clothing framed Lonnie Dawkins Photography

“Conversation” Images of Communication with and without words

Images of People in Conversation

Communication takes place with and without words.  Sometimes it gets extremely interesting when the words stop.

Sometimes it is nurturing.  Sometimes it is not.

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1. Keniesha Cook   2. Donte Newman   3. Hill Harper

woman dressed in black with hand stretched out wearing ring African American

Portrait- Ebony male headshot Lonnie Dawkins

HIll Harper with mentees from Life Pieces to Masterpieces organization in DC

Lonnie Dawkins is a Maryland based Fine Arts Photographer.