Nameless: Unknown boy standing still framed by unknown foot traffic

At a festival while sitting on the curb I lowered my camera to see what I would capture. The result was this young boy standing still at a booth framed by foot traffic. You don’t have any idea what the people look like, where they are going, or what the boy is seeing or thinking.

Elmo Slippers and toy airplane today

Today he is wearing Elmo slippers playing with a toy airplane. Before long he won’t believe that he ever wore those slippers and will be craving expensive sneakers and car keys instead. How time flies. Lonnie Dawkins on Facebook

Sleepy Head

Sleeping Beauty Everyday things like sleeping can make a nice portrait. Earlier in the day he was dressed in new pants, vest, and bow tie for Easter. I didn’t get to take his picture dressed up but I’m happy I got this one. I’ll get the dressy one another time.

Headed to the Chapel. Engagement Photography

Jameal and Doug, a wonderful young couple, announced their engagement. We met at beautiful location in Maryland and took pictures. Wishing them many years of happiness!

Life before Backpacks. How did we get our stuff to school?

I don’t recall ever having a backpack – grade school through college. In fact I don’t even remember having enough of anything to need a backpack!

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