Remembering President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration

Barack Obama’s inauguration viewed from the National Mall in Washinton, jam-packed with peaceful attendees. It was a freezing cold January day in 2009 when we stood in a massive orderly crowd as President Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office. Those were peaceful times and security was not as tight.. On Monday crowds strolled theContinue reading “Remembering President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration”

Elmo Slippers and toy airplane today

Today he is wearing Elmo slippers playing with a toy airplane. Before long he won’t believe that he ever wore those slippers and will be craving expensive sneakers and car keys instead. How time flies. Lonnie Dawkins on Facebook

Doggone hot in Washington, DC!

Washington, DC’s summer weather is doggone hot! 100 degrees maybe more.  Early today in Buddy Attick Lake Park in Greenbelt, MD my new friend John was making sure his dog was getting relief.

Photos: Anchorage, AK In some ways just like being anywhere else. People are people.

If I were to ask you where do you think these pictures were taken, it is probably not likely that you would say Alaska. These were taken years ago before I knew what a Sarah Palin was.

Khemistry: Tattoos

Model:  Khemistry Photographer:  Lonnie Dawkins                                                             Lonnie Dawkins on Facebook

A day in the life of a few everyday people.

I decided to take my camera and engage people I didn’t know. My plan was to ask them what was going on with them on that day. I went to a park in NW DC and had no success in the morning. I talked to a fascinating man but he would have no part of having his picture taken as he had an issue with the police.

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