Are we there yet?

Family Trip Photography What’s a family trip without those in the back wondering if we’re there yet! Here, the big guy gathers his little friends for a trip and before long they are asking that question. Looks like he has a full load. Hopefully, they will be there soon. Model: Darius Facebook

The squirrel that demanded a photo shoot

I take portraits mostly of people and have never taken any animal pictures…….until today when I ran into this little squirrel that thought he owned a block of Pennsylvania Avenue near 7th Street, NW in Washington, DC. He was not allowing anyone to sit on the wall in a certain area.  It was funny seeingContinue reading “The squirrel that demanded a photo shoot”

Mismatched Shoes – At least they’re the same color

Halfway through a photo session in a client’s home I decided to remove my shoes to make sure not to cause damage to the floors.    That’s when I realized I was wearing mismatched shoes.  Same color but two different shoes.  Fortunately they weren’t a tie-up and a slip on.  Some people may have noticed,Continue reading “Mismatched Shoes – At least they’re the same color”

Photo – Sit back, Let the joy sweep over you

Let the Joy Sweep Over You and it might put you to sleep. Notice sign in background at National Theater in Washington, DC during the Mamma MIa run: “Sit back and let the joy sweep over you”

Anybody seen my car?

Had one of those moments today. Went to see a client, came out and drove to the other end of the parking lot to go to the Safeway. Left Safeway and walked back to where I originally parked the car when I visited the client and the car was not there. Couldn’t believe it andContinue reading “Anybody seen my car?”

Whose Binky is this?

While walking through the park last night I saw a pacifier also known as a Binky, bop, and a bunch of other things..  I paused and wondered about its history. It was laying on a tree trunk and it looked like it had been found and placed there as though the owner would soon returnContinue reading “Whose Binky is this?”

Happiness is pulling all the giftwrap paper off the roll

For about a half of an hour he enjoyed moving it around, hiding under it, and walking on top of it. It required no special sounds, no batteries. and he certainly needed no help. He found the prize inside — the paper core. That will be his favorite toy for a couple of days.

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