Alaska Vacation – Beautiful Day Trip

Alaska Railroad train ride from Anchorage to Seward was a vacation highlight. Starting in Anchorage during the early morning, the tavelled along the countryside showing beautiful greenery. Other spectacular views included wildlife, glaciers, and aircraft parked in backyards. As a photographer I could point my camera in any direction and see something unbelievably beautiful. SoContinue reading “Alaska Vacation – Beautiful Day Trip”

Are we there yet?

Family Trip Photography What’s a family trip without those in the back wondering if we’re there yet! Here, the big guy gathers his little friends for a trip and before long they are asking that question. Looks like he has a full load. Hopefully, they will be there soon. Model: Darius Facebook

Pennsylvania Avenue: America’s Main Street is almost ordinary on a Friday Afternoon

Washington, DC’s Pennsylvania Avenue is called “America’s Main Street” and is home to historic parades and events.  Less than a month ago it was packed with people for the second inauguration of President Barack Obama and on other occasions for solemn funeral processions. Yesterday afternoon it looked very much like an ordinary street with people commuting,  leavingContinue reading “Pennsylvania Avenue: America’s Main Street is almost ordinary on a Friday Afternoon”

Waldorf and Southern Maryland’s “Little Vegas” past. Gambling: Few Reminders today.

Waldorf Maryland – “Little Vegas” Today many head home to Waldorf, MD and beyond on US 301 and have no idea of the history that they are driving past everyday.  It was only this week while researching for a project for a client that I learned about this lively side of Waldorf and Southern Maryland’s history. Continue reading “Waldorf and Southern Maryland’s “Little Vegas” past. Gambling: Few Reminders today.”

Photo: Alaskan Summer-Views from the train-Anchorage to Seward

A ride aboard the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Seward is one that I would highly recommend.  It provided me with one of the most exciting and  unbelievable opportunities to make pictures.  In every direction that I pointed my camera there was something breathtaking to capture.

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