Friday morning waffles

Waffles aren’t really that big a deal to make.  Looking through a cookbook not long ago I found a simple recipe where you just put some flour, a little bit of sugar, some baking powder and salt in a bowl.  Then in another bowl you put an egg, some milk, and some oil and stir.  Next you just have to mix the liquid and the dry stuff and pour the batter on a hot griddle.  Takes less than five minutes.  And it’s cheap.

I did that this morning – a Friday morning and you can see from the look on my tester’s face they turned out great.  He approved.

smiling boy eating waffles

Are you an Eggo only person?  Know anything that’s good and can be whipped up really quickly?

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

You’re only as good as your last biscuit

My cheese biscuits....At least they look pretty.

I recently learned how easy biscuits are to make or thought I did.

Last week I went online and found a recipe for cheese biscuits and made what turned out to be great biscuits even though I didn’t quite have all the ingredients that the recipe required.  Since I had no buttermilk I just used whole milk.  I had no shortening so I used butter.  I had no cheddar cheese so I just used what was left in a package of mixed shredded cheeses used for making Mexican dishes and though it was not quite the quantity required it was ok.  I followed the recipe and what resulted was some excellent cheese biscuits that were all eaten within an hour out of the oven.

Later in the week I was asked to make them again.  It was the same situation except this time I did have some cheddar which I shredded up.  I threw a little extra cheese in and added some herbs.  They turned out even better and I was so proud of myself. Continue reading