Photo tip: Don’t put the cake in a corner or up against the wall

By Lonnie Dawkins Here’s a tip for weddings and birthdays. One of the highlights of the event is the cake cutting so don’t put the cake in a corner or up against the wall. If you have to put it there because of space, make arrangements so that the cake can be pulled out forContinue reading “Photo tip: Don’t put the cake in a corner or up against the wall”

Friday morning waffles

Waffles aren’t really that big a deal to make. ¬†Looking through a cookbook not long ago I found a simple recipe where you just put some flour, a little bit of sugar, some baking powder and salt in a bowl. ¬†Then in another bowl you put an egg, some milk, and some oil and stir.Continue reading “Friday morning waffles”

The Beauty of Fruit and Vegetables. Edible Art.

The produce display in the store was so beautiful that it was a shame for anyone to disturb it. Grocers became artists. Not being an art gallery the pieces had to be removed for purchase.

Edible art!

Is it hot enough for an egg to fry on the sidewalk? Don’t know and it’s too hot to find out!

An egg may or may not be able to fry on a sidewalk in the Washington, DC area on a day like today. I was too hot to care and I had a mess to clean up.

Photos: Anchorage, AK In some ways just like being anywhere else. People are people.

If I were to ask you where do you think these pictures were taken, it is probably not likely that you would say Alaska. These were taken years ago before I knew what a Sarah Palin was.

So what if it is raining, we’re not going anywhere!

Things were going great when all of a sudden a heavy downpour of rain surprised everyone. Yea, I ran for cover but then I got my camera out to see what people were going to do.