Photo tip: Don’t put the cake in a corner or up against the wall

Photo tip: Don't put the cake in a corner or up against the wall

By Lonnie Dawkins

Here’s a tip for weddings and birthdays. One of the highlights of the event is the cake cutting so don’t put the cake in a corner or up against the wall. If you have to put it there because of space, make arrangements so that the cake can be pulled out for the cutting and you can get behind it facing your guests. You will get a much more interesting picture. Also your photographer will be able to go behind you and take a picture of you and your guests enjoying the moment.

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Friday morning waffles

Waffles aren’t really that big a deal to make.  Looking through a cookbook not long ago I found a simple recipe where you just put some flour, a little bit of sugar, some baking powder and salt in a bowl.  Then in another bowl you put an egg, some milk, and some oil and stir.  Next you just have to mix the liquid and the dry stuff and pour the batter on a hot griddle.  Takes less than five minutes.  And it’s cheap.

I did that this morning – a Friday morning and you can see from the look on my tester’s face they turned out great.  He approved.

smiling boy eating waffles

Are you an Eggo only person?  Know anything that’s good and can be whipped up really quickly?

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

The Beauty of Fruit and Vegetables. Edible Art.

I normally only photograph people but recently did a photo shoot for a grocery store grand opening.   The arrangement of the produce was beautiful and made wonderful images.

The produce display in the store was so beautiful that it was a shame for anyone to disturb it.  Grocers became artists.  Not being an art gallery the pieces had to be removed for purchase.

Edible art!

Red and green peppers

Organic vegetables

Vegetables on salad bar

Tomatoes and other vegetables

Cut watermelon on display in grocery story                  Lonnie Dawkins Photography on Facebook


Is it hot enough for an egg to fry on the sidewalk? Don’t know and it’s too hot to find out!

egg frying on sidewalk

I was trying to think of something to blog about today and thought I would do the “Is it hot enough for an egg to fry on the sidewalk?” thing.  Definitely it felt hot enough in the DC area as it was supposed to be over 100 degrees.  Should have been a no brainer!

First, I was going to just crack an egg on the sidewalk but then I knew I would not want to clean up the mess.   Also one has to think about how one looks trying to fry an egg on a sidewalk.  I knew the trash had not been picked up yet and was wondering what the guys on the truck would think if they happened to come by and whether they would call the men in the white hats on me.  I decided to use an iron skillet and if the men in the truck came by maybe they could just be part of the photo.  Clever, right?

I grabbed an egg, a little oil, some salt and pepper shakers for photo aesthetics and headed outside.  I decided to place the pan on the street as it was darker and appeared to be hotter than the sidewalk.  My guess was that the preheat process needed about half an hour.  I retreated back inside the house but kept an eye on my project.  Upon return I was surprised at how hot the pan had gotten so I went ahead and cracked the egg and watched for a while.  I stayed  outside watching for about 15 minutes and saw that the egg was beginning to cook.  Good for the egg but the heat from the sun was too much for me and I was soaked with sweat. My interest in finding out the fry ability of an egg on a sidewalk had burned to a crisp and at that point it no longer mattered.  End of experiment!

Bottom line.  An egg may or may not be able to fry on a sidewalk in the Washington, DC area on a day like today.  I was too hot to care and I had a mess to clean up.  Plus, I wasted a good egg.

Photos: Anchorage, AK In some ways just like being anywhere else. People are people.

If I were to ask you where do you think these pictures were taken, it is probably not likely that you would say Alaska.   Every direction I pointed my camera in Alaska there was something breathtaking to capture.  I also found the people in AK to be just as wonderful.  Here are a few people pictures. By the way, the food was good too.

I flew into Anchorage and other than a day cruise and a great train ride I simply wandered around the city and enjoyed every minute of it.  Been there yet?

Go to An Alaskan Summer to see images of  beautiful scenery and a remarkable train ride.               Lonnie Dawkins on Facebook

couple takes buggy ride in Alaska

Horse drawn carriage ride

water skiing in alaska

Young man water skiing outside Anchorage

hot dog -  reindeer sausage stand in Alaska

Reindeer sausages were an almost everyday must have

apple slices in Anchorage

Even better than a caramel apple was an apple and a bowl of caramel to dip it into.

Everyone loves a beautiful cake. Half eaten cakes as art.

(Note:  added a new cake to the list. 2/19/12)

Everybody loves beautiful cakes.  I think that beauty can be found in half eaten cakes as well.  There is something about the contrast betweeen the touched and the untouched.  You can also see how much the cake has been enjoyed.

90th Birthday Cake half eaten

half eaten wedding cake

half eaten pound cake

half eaten birthday cake

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

So what if it is raining, we’re not going anywhere!

Today was a March rainy day here in Maryland and I was tempted to go out in the rain and take pictures knowing that you can get great pictures even when it is raining.  Instead I decided to look through some of my collection and remembered the International Festival that took place in Baltimore a few years ago.
Things were going great when all of a sudden a heavy downpour of rain surprised everyone.  Yea, I ran for cover but then I got my camera out to see what people were going to do.  I was surprised at how many people just continued what they were doing like the ladies who I watched standing in the rain under an umbrella chatting for about a half of an hour.  Some just continued to enjoy the food and activities.  Others decided that it was best to leave.
After a while the sun came out and it was business as usual with a great Ashford and Simpson concert at the end of the day.
Funnel cakes and conversation in the rain

Rain didn't stop the fun at the International Festival in Baltimore

Downpours caused rainy day in Baltimore but that is what umbrellas are for

Some left some stayed

leaving rainy Baltimore festival after downpour

Some especially with children decided to leave