Dance and party like a good family should

Cousins Mike and Janie had the opportunity to dance and enjoy each others’ company at a family event.  One lives up north and the other in the south.  Many times family only has the chance to get together at funerals or sad occasions.  This was at Janie’s brother’s retirement party and a good time was had by all.

I hope your family is dancing!

cousins dancing at party

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

Beautiful lights make the party.

I photographed a birthday party at the Appian Way in NJ over the weekend.  One of the reasons that the pictures came out so well is that the room had the most beautiful lighting coming from the chandeliers.

I took plenty of pictures of the party goers and there were soft beautiful hues cast on them from the lighting.  Just like the dj, the chefs, the food, the banquet captain, and the attendants the lighting performed beautifully.

ceiling ballroom lights

3 chandeliers in ballroom at the Appian Way

beautiful chandeliers at the Appian Way in NJ