The carnival comes to town in the summer. Maryland

When the carnival comes to time it’s a good time for pictures.  Beautiful lights whether it’s color or black and white.  Night time adds even more beauty.

The first pictured carnival took place at Capital Plaza n Landover Hills, MD.

The black and white pictures are from the carnival that was located in New Carrollton, MD around 2006.  It was located at the corner of Annapolis Road and Riverdale Road.  If you are familiar with the area there used to be a Toys-R-Us there.  Now the is a CVS Pharmacy and a TD Bank.

Anyone remember going to these carnivals?

Carnival at Capital Plaza in Hyattsville, MD Ferris Wheel at night Carnival hot dogs and hamburgers

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Carnival lights at night

The lights and colors of the carnival brighten the sky and draw one to the gates on a hot summer night.  This carnival is set up about once a year in a huge parking lot that also hosts a Walmart.

I haven’t been inside the carnival in years but I don’t that anything inside could be as wonderful as the view of the lights and colors that take over the night sky.  I go to the parking lot each year just to take pictures of the lights.

summer night carnival in Prince Georges County MD


Night light carnival scene


Have you been to one of these carnivals lately?  Ever noticed how beautiful the lights are?

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The Carnival Returns to Town. The Ferris Wheel

A few years back I posted an article When the Carnival Comes to Town.  The carnival has returned yearly since then but last night I decided to go back camera in hand and take more photographs.

Ferris Wheel and Carnival in Landover Hills Maryland


Entry Gate at Carnival in Landover Hills MD with Ferris Wheel


Ferris Wheel and lights at carnival in Landover Hills MD

This year the carnival is in a bigger place and can spread out with all its glory.  The colors and motion of the Ferris Wheel are fascinating.  On my previous visit I was taken by the secretiveness of the carnival and how it seemed to be tucked away in a little corner.  I photographed in black and white.  Now the carnival seems more open and expressive and needed to be photographed in color.

The carnival is now located in a large open space near a Walmart in Landover Hills, Maryland with huge parking space versus in a smaller more isolated place years back . From the outside it seems to be drawing a lot of people but I haven’t been tempted to go inside as the view from the outside with the lights and Ferris Wheel is enough.

I remember when the carnival came to the little town in North Carolina where I grew up.  One week there was a carnival in the open field and then a few weeks later there was a gospel tent meeting in the same space.  It was quite a contrast considering some of the “entertainment” that was included in the carnival shows back then.

Carnivals have been a life time fascination.  I know they are open during the day sometimes but the magic of the carnival is at night.  Maybe it’s darkness and lightness both trying to be in the same place.  The colors shout out into the night making a wonderful mysterious view.

Does a carnival come to your town or have you been to one in recent years?  Any carnival stories?

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Beautiful lights make the party.

I photographed a birthday party at the Appian Way in NJ over the weekend.  One of the reasons that the pictures came out so well is that the room had the most beautiful lighting coming from the chandeliers.

I took plenty of pictures of the party goers and there were soft beautiful hues cast on them from the lighting.  Just like the dj, the chefs, the food, the banquet captain, and the attendants the lighting performed beautifully.

ceiling ballroom lights

3 chandeliers in ballroom at the Appian Way

beautiful chandeliers at the Appian Way in NJ