The carnival comes to town in the summer. Maryland

When the carnival comes to time it’s a good time for pictures.  Beautiful lights whether it’s color or black and white.  Night time adds even more beauty. The first pictured carnival took place at Capital Plaza n Landover Hills, MD. The black and white pictures are from the carnival that was located in New Carrollton,Continue reading “The carnival comes to town in the summer. Maryland”

Carnival lights at night

The lights and colors of the carnival brighten the sky and draw one to the gates on a hot summer night.  This carnival is set up about once a year in a huge parking lot that also hosts a Walmart. I haven’t been inside the carnival in years but I don’t that anything inside could beContinue reading “Carnival lights at night”

The Carnival Returns to Town. The Ferris Wheel

A few years back I posted an article When the Carnival Comes to Town.  The carnival has returned yearly since then but last night I decided to go back camera in hand and take more photographs.     This year the carnival is in a bigger place and can spread out with all its glory.Continue reading “The Carnival Returns to Town. The Ferris Wheel”

Beautiful lights make the party.

I photographed a birthday party at the Appian Way in NJ over the weekend.  One of the reasons that the pictures came out so well is that the room had the most beautiful lighting coming from the chandeliers. I took plenty of pictures of the party goers and there were soft beautiful hues cast onContinue reading “Beautiful lights make the party.”

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