Triumph! Challenges but Celebrating Second Birthday like a Rock Star!

My nephew was born premature and had many challenges including numerous surgeries.

This week Little Nick celebrates his second birthday.  Family and friends are partying all month!

These pictures were taken at his lunch pool party followed by a family dinner.  That’s only the beginning!

Baby's pool party - boy with birthday hat

Birthday Hat!

birthday pool party

Pool Party with Cousins

What a Triumph!


Photo tip: Don’t put the cake in a corner or up against the wall

Photo tip: Don't put the cake in a corner or up against the wall

By Lonnie Dawkins

Here’s a tip for weddings and birthdays. One of the highlights of the event is the cake cutting so don’t put the cake in a corner or up against the wall. If you have to put it there because of space, make arrangements so that the cake can be pulled out for the cutting and you can get behind it facing your guests. You will get a much more interesting picture. Also your photographer will be able to go behind you and take a picture of you and your guests enjoying the moment.

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Beautiful lights make the party.

I photographed a birthday party at the Appian Way in NJ over the weekend.  One of the reasons that the pictures came out so well is that the room had the most beautiful lighting coming from the chandeliers.

I took plenty of pictures of the party goers and there were soft beautiful hues cast on them from the lighting.  Just like the dj, the chefs, the food, the banquet captain, and the attendants the lighting performed beautifully.

ceiling ballroom lights

3 chandeliers in ballroom at the Appian Way

beautiful chandeliers at the Appian Way in NJ