The Ground View – What if you’re not that tall?

What I saw was interesting. I was wondering if this is what our children and little ones see. If they are walking with us, do they just see feet and legs unless they look up or off to the side. They may see things we don’t see. It’s a different view!

Support Shirley’s Angel Foundation at Pancreatic Cancer Purple Stride 5K Walk in Washington, DC

Join the team! Even if it is too late to walk or you have other plans for Saturday, your donation can walk and help advance research, support patients and create hope for those affected by pancreatic cancer.

Photos: Anchorage, AK In some ways just like being anywhere else. People are people.

If I were to ask you where do you think these pictures were taken, it is probably not likely that you would say Alaska. These were taken years ago before I knew what a Sarah Palin was.

“Conversation” Images of Communication with and without words

Communication takes place with and without words. Sometimes it gets extremely interesting when the words stop. Sometimes it is nurturing. Sometimes it is not.

Be an angel, a PURPLE Angel, and help fight Pancreatic Cancer in the African American Community

Since her passing Shirley’s children and husband Warren have established Shirley’s Angel Foundation in her memory. It has already become the leading provider of research and education to decrease the incidence and mortality of Pancreatic Cancer in the African-American community.

So what if it is raining, we’re not going anywhere!

Things were going great when all of a sudden a heavy downpour of rain surprised everyone. Yea, I ran for cover but then I got my camera out to see what people were going to do.

Model Photoshoot – Darryl Miles representing Richmond, VA

Darryl Miles is an up and coming model from Richmond, VA.  We arranged a photo shoot last year.  Darryl had been in a number of fashion shows but I was one of the first photographers to shoot Darryl professionally. Since then Darryl has done a more of fashion shows from Richmond to New York and continues to be soughtContinue reading “Model Photoshoot – Darryl Miles representing Richmond, VA”

Annie King Phillips discusses Scurlock Contribution to Washington, DC photography. Images of Black Washington

Watch Video Annie Phillips King a Washingtion, DC native speaks highly of the Scurlock Family of photographers and their contribution to Washington. According to her if your picture was in their window you had arrived or at least knew where the Pearly Gates were.

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