Are we there yet?

Family Trip Photography

Family Trip Photography - Man in little red wagon filled with stuffed animals

What’s a family trip without those in the back wondering if we’re there yet!

Here, the big guy gathers his little friends for a trip and before long they are asking that question. Looks like he has a full load. Hopefully, they will be there soon.

Model: Darius

Maryland Portrait Photographer


DC Wall Mural: Conversation

woman and wall mural in washington DC
Words of Wisdom

Wall mural located near Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington, DC.  Model Keneisha Cook has a conversation with wise man.  Wondering what he is saying.

It looks like a serious conversation.  What do you think?


Family Portraits in the Park

Holidays when families gather is a perfect time for portraits!

During Christmas the Gorhams’ 3 daughters were in town as well as additional family members.  Many pictures were taken including small groups – the parents, the sisters, the aunts, the cousins – and the whole group.

The shoot took place on Christmas eve in beautiful Buddy Attick Park in Greenbelt, MD.  Great memories were captured and it was a fun time for all including the photographer.

Man and woman standing by pond at sunset
Parents standing by lake at sunset

family in park dressed in jeans and red tops on Christmas eve
Sisters, parents, and brother-in-law

Lovely African American family pictured in park
Aunts, uncle, sisters, and cousins strike a pose

Family pictures in Maryland park
Smiles after the photo shoot – Fun time!

When is the last time your family gathered for pictures? You should do so soon!  Give me a call today and capture great memories!

P.S.  You don’t have to wait for the holidays.


Edwin Samson- Black white and photo session

Black Male Model Edwin Samson in outdoor photo shoot ,

Also known as KingFisher, he is an artist, dancer, song writer and an athlete. He from Lagos, Nigeria. He is also a national taekwondo athlete and an All African Games silver medalist.

black male model - beard and twisted hair

black male model - tee shirt and beard

Nigerian man with beeard and sunshades

sexy nubian man with beard
Maryland Portrait Photographer

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Engagement Photo Session can be a Fun Time

Engagement Photography

Darius and Kristi’s engagement session was a lot of fun.  We did some of the traditional shots and then while they were sitting on the floor I suggested that they pretend to play pat-a-cake or something.  Little did I know it would turn into 15 minutes of an actual pat-a-cake game and that Darius was good at it.  It was a lot of good fun and good pictures.

Your engagement photography session can be whatever you would like it to be and wherever you would like it to take place.

Congratulations on your engagement! Best wishes for many years of happiness together!

engaged couple posing for pictures

engaged couple on floor playing patty cakes

We look forward to engagement photography for capturing great images of the two of you as you prepare for your big day.

We are located in Prince George’s County, MD and are available worldwide.

Engagement photographer - happy couple hugging



Photos Required: Children grow up so fast

Children photography

Children photography -young boy making funny faces

Children grow up so fast! One minute you have a little baby and before you know it the little one is asking for car keys.  Time won’t stand still but pictures can capture some of the moments.

Along the way we can snap pictures and can hold the memories.

Take lots of pictures of your little ones and from time to time have a professional capture those precious images.


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Going to the Courthouse and We’re Going to get Married

Planning to get married at the courthouse in Prince George’s County or Washington, DC?  I’ll meet you and capture the moment in beautiful pictures.

Whether it’s just the two of you, or the two of you and a small group of family and friends, it can be a very special event!

After we take pictures in the courthouse we can take more in attractive spots just outside and across the street at the pond in Upper Marlboro.

Court house wedding photography in Maryland and Washington, DC

courthouse wedding photographer Maryland Bridal couple civil ceremony Upper Marlboro Maryland


includes ten (10) 8×10 prints

$150 deposit required

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Dance Lessons: Auntie Enamored by Nephew, Nephew Enamored by his own Moves

Auntie enamored by a favorite nephew as he shows fancy dance steps.  He is equally enamored by his own moves and ability to dance.

Fun time was had by all watching and enjoying a relative’s retirement party.

Woman and your boy dancing at party  Lonnie Dawkins Photography


Dance and party like a good family should

Cousins Mike and Janie had the opportunity to dance and enjoy each others’ company at a family event.  One lives up north and the other in the south.  Many times family only has the chance to get together at funerals or sad occasions.  This was at Janie’s brother’s retirement party and a good time was had by all.

I hope your family is dancing!

cousins dancing at party

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

Party Pictures – Hire a Professional Photographer to get it Right

It’s the Party Pictures! When the guest leave, the music stops, and the food and drinks are consumed, the pictures will be there to remind you what a blast you had. Let us capture the memories!

Party and event pictures

Hire a professional photographer for your parties and events.  A good party needs good pictures.  You will be able to enjoy your event while someone else is responsible for taking good pictures.  The professional will see moments and people that you might not.  You will have wonderful prints and albums that you can enjoy and that will help you enjoy your event for many years.

Maryland party photoggrapher- guests-being-served-at-buffet

50th birthday cake with bowtie theme

party pictures of dance line at birthday celebration

Party and event photography covering Maryland; Washington, DC; and Virginia.

Maryland Portrait Photographer

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