Senior Portraits – It’s All About the Graduate

Senior Portraits – Gleeful image of a college graduate during her photo shoot.

Smiling young female college graduate - African American
During the session we take the standard cap and gown images and then we take creative shots that express the graduate’s personality. Pictures are taken in studio and in various locations of the graduate’s choice.

It’s all about the graduate as we celebrate his/her accomplishment.

Engagement Portraits

Jameal and Doug

Fun engagement photo shoot with Doug and Jameal at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, Maryland a few years ago.  It was a late afternoon, early evening shoot.  We started outside near the water with views of Washington, DC in the background.  We then chose locations inside the beautiful Gaylord Hotel.

As night fell we found a place in the gardens outside – the perfect place for a proposal picture.

A few years have passed and now Doug and Jameal are a happy married couple and parents of a beautiful baby boy.Engaged couple at National Harbor DC Engaged couple at National Harbor, MDContinue reading “Engagement Portraits”

Mrs Florence Ratcliffe – Washington DC Historian, Educator, and Community Leader

Florence Ratcliffe, Washington DC historian, educatior, and community leader
Florence Ratcliffe, Washington DC historian, educatior, and community leader

Portrait of Mrs. Florence Ratcliffe, historian, educator and community leader, who celebrated her 99th birthday earlier this year.

From 1963-1968 she was the President of Phyllis Wheatley Board of Directors. She is the Author of “A Simple Matter of Justice” (The Phyllis Wheatley Story).

Mrs. Radcliffe was the 2010 recipient of the Mary McLeod Bethune Service Award from the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH).

Family Portraits are important treasures. Essential for children.

 family protrait photogragher The decision to record history with family photography is a powerful and beautiful way to cherish the present and remember the past. A photograph is a timeless asset that grows in meaning and value as time passes by.  David Phillips

We invite everyone – families and individuals – to schedule a time to have beautiful pictures taken.  Don’t be like others who put it off until some time in the future.  Unfortunately, that some time in the future never comes.  Your taking pictures gives your love ones something that they can treasure for a life time.

Whether they admit it or not everyone wants a picture with their mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, siblings and other family members.  Your providing those pictures are treasures never to be forgotten.

Don’t put it off.  Today, is a great day to schedule photography to be shared with your loved ones.

Birthday Party Pictures – Remembering the Fun

Birthday parties are wonderful times.  Great memories can be relived with pictures.  You should enjoy your party and let a professional photographer capture the moments.  After the cake is eaten and your guest have left,  you will have pictures that will let you enjoy the party again and again.

One client said “Yes, you captured the moments very nicely. I’m still enjoying the event & spirit of the day and your photos!”  Another said “the photos brought the biggest smile to my face and took me right back to that evening.  I had a BALL and these images will remind me of how blessed I am.”

birthday party toast

birthday party well wishers Continue reading “Birthday Party Pictures – Remembering the Fun”

The Beauty of Age

“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!”

Audrey Hepburn

Here are some examples of ladies who are beautiful inside and out.  Fun happy people who have seen and been through a lot of experiences throughout their lives and have kept smiling and bringing joy to others.
Mature African American woman glamorous


Eula M Hopkins

Annie Davis - woman-in-tweed-suit-with-glasses-smiling-african-american

Lonnie Dawkins Photography Website

Power of Cameras – Michael Brown protest in DC

Michael Brown protest at Pentagon City in Northern Virginia.

The power of cameras! The presence of so many cameras definitely affected the way both protestors and police acted at a recent Ferguson demonstration in the Washington, DC area.  Demonstrators took over a full block of Hayes St. at Pentagon City- a busy pedestrian and traffic street during the height of holiday shopping on the Saturday after Thanksgiving refusing to leave for about an hour.

At this particular event I would not want to be a protestor or police officer.

The era of demonstrations seems to have changed significantly with the presence of cameras.  All acitivities can immediately be captured and can be used by either side for their own sake.  Demonstrators can hold cameras as they confront police and feel more comfortable that police will be less likely to react to their aggressiveness.

At this demonstration I saw peaceful demonstrators and I saw  police officers professionally doing their job under a stressful situation.  I also saw some demonstrators ready to escalate the protest and take advantage of the situation with their cameras ready in hand.   When chanting demonstrators got close to the police so did the cameras.

I remember the Trayvon Martin demonstrations 2 years earlier in Washington.  I remember more people and less cameras.

Michael Brown demonstration DC
Michael Brown demonstation
Protestors for Trayvon Martin in DC
Trayvon Martin Demonstration DC

Sweet Rest Dear Ladies

Saying Goodbye

August 2014 has taken away 2 special people in my life.  These two ladies will be sorely missed but there is comfort in knowing that they both lived long full lives.  They both enjoyed their lives and spent their 90 plus years each helping others.  Two great examples of how to live.  Rest in peace Aunt Jean and Aunt Ann.

mature african american woman in hat
Jean Harper

Annie Davis - woman-in-tweed-suit-with-glasses-smiling-african-american
Annie Davis


 Lonnie Dawkins Photography


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