Anybody seen my car?

Had one of those moments today. Went to see a client, came out and drove to the other end of the parking lot to go to the Safeway. Left Safeway and walked back to where I originally parked the car when I visited the client and the car was not there. Couldn’t believe it and after walking around dazed with the sad face, I almost reported a stolen vehicle to the police. Then I remembered I had gone to the Safeway and that’s where the car was. Laugh if you want but I know I am not the only one who has done this.

Looking for missing car.
Have you had a “moment” lately?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine – My Bookshelf

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

When I think of “Mine” I think of my office and my bookcase which helps describe me. It is full of Bibles, pictures, photography books, math books, John Grisham and Walter Mosely novels, magazines, history books, and stuff. My stuff!

Weekly Photo Challenge

Lonnie Dawkins is a Maryland based portrait photographer

Marital Bliss

Marital Bliss

Barney and Lucille have enjoyed many years of marital bliss.

I photographed a friend’s family get together. It was a barbecue with family gathering from different parts of the country. Numerous pictures were taken but these two images of the grandparents are my favorites.

Lonnie Dawkins is a Maryland based portrait photographer

Age is beautiful

I went to the church picnic this past Saturday and one of the most fun and fascinating people there was an octogenarian in her mid 80s.  I had met Miss Coryne before but had never really had a conversation with her.  We spent hours talking and really having a great time.  And I don’t mean a dull little polite conversation – it went all over the map.

octogenarian woman - 80 year old woman

There is something really beautiful about age.  Sadly we live in a society that seems to discount people based on birth dates.  We miss out on wonderful occasions Continue reading

Friday morning waffles

Waffles aren’t really that big a deal to make.  Looking through a cookbook not long ago I found a simple recipe where you just put some flour, a little bit of sugar, some baking powder and salt in a bowl.  Then in another bowl you put an egg, some milk, and some oil and stir.  Next you just have to mix the liquid and the dry stuff and pour the batter on a hot griddle.  Takes less than five minutes.  And it’s cheap.

I did that this morning – a Friday morning and you can see from the look on my tester’s face they turned out great.  He approved.

smiling boy eating waffles

Are you an Eggo only person?  Know anything that’s good and can be whipped up really quickly?

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life – Boys being boys

Two boys fascinated by ice in large bucket

Two young boys playing in ice bucket at a family event . There was a pool, a swing set, a trampoline and other things to keep them amused.  Nevertheless, they chose the ice in the bucket.  Simple fun!

Not your everyday dentist office.

One of last week’s assignments was a photo shoot for Ambiance Dental Spa in Bowie, MD.

It’s not your everyday dental practice.  Dr. Clarine Green Hightower describes it as a dental spa and you will know what she means when you walk in and see the warm colors, comfortable seating, and patient friendly operatories (I just learned that word).  There is a great staff and a  number of other services and treatments that welcome patients.

Maryland photographer dental office

Does this look like your dentist’s office?

Lonnie Dawkins Photography

Saturday morning kitchen discovery – Eyes of a child

It was Saturday morning and I decided that my grandson would be my model for the morning.  After some shots in the bedroom of him just relaxing and watching his favorite Cars videos, he moved the action into the kitchen.

With very little effort he mounted the stools like a pro.  Acting as though I was invisible and as if the camera was not pointing directly at him, he proceded to climb onto the kitchen counter.   After rendering  a few bars of a selection on a pitch pipe and playing with an action figure toy, he decided to find out what was in the little box we use to store salt.

The adventure continued with his deciding that the box needed to have more than just salt in it.  Anything handy that was pour able was then added to the salt-box and what couldn’t fit  into the box was spilled onto the counter.

It resulted in a big mess but gave me some great pictures.

young boy kitchen counter

opening small box on counter African American male

child climbed on kitchen counting reaching into small box

What pictures have you taken of your little one being him or herself?

Lonnie Dawkins Photography Site

My Elementary School is still open after all these years.

Illustration depicting thought.

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Sometimes it doesn’t take a whole lot for me to get excited.  For some reason I was thinking about elementary schools today and I started thinking about the one I attended for first grade.  I hadn’t been back or seen it since I left there many years ago.  I attended the school for only one year because my father was in the army and we moved a lot.

What I remember about it is that it was in walking distance from our house, that the classroom had a closet with a door that pulled open like it belonged on a garage, and that the school had what I thought was a strange name– Halls Cross.   I also remember the Dick and Jane Readers with the See Spot Run stories.   That will tell you how long ago it was.     The school constructed in 1943 according to its website appears to still be going strong and doing well.  It is amazing that it is still open since many  schools have opened and closed since then.  Actually the correct name is Hall’s Cross Roads Elementary and it is Aberdeen, MD in Harford County.

Next step is to go there and see the school for myself and take pictures.  I am wondering if it will jog any memories and also if the house that we used to live in is still standing.  I still remember the address after all these years.

If you been out of first grade for more years than you can believe what do you remember about it and have you been back in recent years?  Is it still open?